Friday, 7 September 2012

7- black/white. [30 day challenge/ untrieds]

Hello.. It's not that unusual, but I didn't expect to have a black AND/ OR a white untried polish to be able to use it for the [30 day challenge/ untrieds].

My white polish is the ulta3- white lily (used to be made in Aus, now this one is made in PRC), and I read it is a great one coat polish. This is with the black polish from the brand called B.C., recently available from KMart for the bargain price of $2.

I also used b collection by bloom- Detroit (as seen top row, second from left- $1 clearance polish :). 
It's a silver holo glitter.

Started with the white base, then freehand dotted onto nails in black, really close to each other, first diagonally through middle- from point to tip.
Then with a smaller tip, dotted the black closer to the tip and again near the nail bed.
Accent nail was my not growing fast enough pinky, first in black, then dotted in white.
Then dotted over the middle diagonal in the opposite colour with the smaller tip.
Was so happy how they turned out, but finished with the glitter dots for some shimmer- and used another untried !!

Left hand.
 The thought of dotting the right hand would mean hours of messy dotting, so on top of the white base colour I stamped using black konad polish and image plate BM 322.
Accent nail I stuffed up and had to redo, so my pointer finger is the black base and silver glitter joined dots.
Also went over the outer black stamped dots with a dot of the silver glitter polish.

Right hand.
The pics didn't do it justice, I loved the glitter bouncing the sunlight around, and even though the hands didn't match they had the same style.

Do you ever have different manis on each hand?
And how many untried polishes have you used this week?


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