Saturday, 8 September 2012

8- metallic. [30 day challenge/ untrieds]

Hello.. It's Saturday, and I have scheduled this post as part of the [30 day challenge/ untrieds]- because I'm going to the weekend away for Alpha.

Today's theme- metallic, I pulled out the polish that reminds me of a metal.
Australis- Liquid gold.
See the sticker, I got it on clearance from KMart ages ago and haven't felt the urgency to wear it.

The colour is gold, and the polish consistency I found smooth but thin. I was in a rush and slapped thicker coats of it on, then found it streaky, a bit like when I don't carefully apply polish that has a frosty finish.
Second last finger has matte top coat. None of the other nails have a clear topcoat either.
The colour on my nails didn't accurately reflect the colour in the polish bottle.
Although the polish colour on my nails did become shiny in the sun.
My nails were also bumpy due to using my sometimes trusty PVA glue (as peel off base coat).
I don't think I will use this polish again, I have brighter golds, and they applied nicer for me..


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