Monday, 22 October 2012

Book: A Purpose driven life

Hello.. At the moment I'm into day 5 of a 40 day thingo. Specifically it's to lead me to a purpose filled life.

Back in July/ August 2012 I read in a Christian women's mag article that we need to define our goals and future priorities. Only I had forgotten that I'd written mine into a notebook until I needed to write my baptism testimony in the same notebook.
Re-reading my set goals for the near future, I realised that it's not something I should have stored away in a notebook- but be constantly reminded of.

So the 40 day book is Rick Warren's "A purpose driven life". The book is being used as a companion to a course I'm doing @1330 called Foundation. 

I did research the book as it's been around for a while, and looked up Internet reviews. One link I did find was not very positive- but it's in my mind as I read during the 40 days, to think why Rick Warren has chosen to link specific verses of the word into his specific chapters. I have also used youversion to compare the stated verses and come to somewhat of an understanding.

Below I share with you the song that's been consuming me, I need to listen to it more than once a day.
It's called Blessings, and although its not a brand new shiny song- Blessings is a song that my heart desires to embrace.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Halloween: Zombies

Hello.. Welcome to another weeks Halloween mani. This week we're half way through the challenge, I'm finding it so difficult with my nail art skills. I have many drawers full of polish, so lets see what I have chosen to use today...

Base polish: Australis- limited edition 2 (green)
Details: ulta3- lily white, ulta3- crystallina, NYC- red slippers [ dupe for ulta3- English rose], essence- grand pliƩ in black

I squished the eyes on one nail, at the top of the photo. Looks to me like red fried eggs instead of eyes?

Have you bought any new polish just to do the Halloween manis? And what costume are you going to be wearing later in the month?


Saturday, 13 October 2012

SSSP: Quick, they are invading

Hello.. Welcome to another Sunday Stamping Sneak Peek (SSSP)..
The theme for this week from AIS is "OMG, It's an invasion of ____".

My ideas were to use the new cheeky plates- the little monsters or the space invaders.

Base polish: chi chi- get down & boogie (Blue)
Stamping polish: konad- pastel blue, ulta3- orchid
Image plate: CH48- explosions, CH45- aliens
Dotty eyes- Barry M- silver foil effects

Outside- in shade.
Only 2 coats needed for a perfect colour coverage.

Outside- sun.
First layer of stamping.
All 5 fingers of completed mani.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Halloween: Jack-o-lanterns

Hello.. Today's theme for the halloween nail art challenge is jack-o-lanterns, aka pumpkins.

I suck at this halloween stuff, I cant create spooky manis..
Anyway, I don't really like to eat pumpkin myself, so I've smashed up the jack-o-lantern and created pumpkin pie for you, my friends!!
Base polish: Carla 63
Stamping polish: Rimmel- Pop!, Rimmel- Modern art, konad- black, konad- white
Image plate:CH47 (boo/m), BM222 (pumpkin), CH42 (yummy), CH41 (pie)

Monday, 8 October 2012

Halloween: Ghosts

Hello.. Ooh scary things hiding under white sheets???.

Base polish: BYS- black & gold
Stamping polish: konad- white, konad- blue, SH insta-dri- jumpin jade
Image plate: BM223 (ghost), CH47 (boo/m), CH43 (mouse, under ghost 1)

There's a mouse image hiding under the ghost on my pointer nail. 

Quick and easy. I love stamping and letting the base polish shine through in its own right. 
Everytime I see this BYS polish in the drawer I'm reminded of the song black and gold. Sam Sparrow..

Saturday, 6 October 2012

SSSP: Metallic madness

Hello.. Welcome to another Sunday Stamping Sneak Peek (SSSP)..
The theme for this week from AIS is Metallic madness. Hmm, my interpretation is a metallic like polish and then stamping with a metallic polish, and making it look a bit crazy.

The theme reminded me of the metallic polishes are the "molten metallics" collection from Face of Australia (FOA). I don't have all of the polishes in the range, as I purchased most when they were on clearance (I googled it. I'm only missing Flaming Lava- a red.)

I tried a swatch of the various polishes to refer to which I would be happy with on the nail.

Base: FOA- Amethyst
Base: SH insta dry- Jumpin Jade

Today I'm stamping and using a base polish from Face of Australia brand.
Base polish: FOA- Amethyst
Stamping polish:  FOA- Iron Ore (stripes), FOA- Titanium & FOA- Verdigris (hearts)
Image plate: CH5

Friday, 5 October 2012

Halloween: Not technically a Water marble

Hello.. I confess I suck at water marble. I tried, several times, and it was messy, and wasted so much of my time- I wasn't patient enough to keep trying.... So I cheated !!!

This disaster is why I had to change course.
This is how I performed my "Dry water marble" technique:

1. Blobs of polish on a clean surface. (I used my plastic/ paper paint easel pad)

2. Swirl together until you're happy. (I used a pointy bamboo skewer)

3. Wait to dry. (I left it there most of the day, and in the pic you will se I peeled them off the easel and kept them inbetween plastic, as I applied them to the nails the next day)

4. Apply layer of polish to nails. (I used clear, if the polish is too wet then the dry marble slid around and ripped)

5. Work out the size of polish you need to cover your nail. (Don't make it small, cleaning up by cutting larger pieces worked well for me)

6. Press on blob of dry water marble, mold to nail curve. (Once you can tell it's stuck, time for acetone and cotton bud clean up)

7. Apply clear polish topcoat. Ta-dah :)
Some of the blobs on my paper easel.

The polishes I used were:
ulta3- citrus, ulta3- crystallina, NYC (dupe of ulta3)- mandarin, NYC- limelight, BC Co.- Shade 11 (black)
The best bits of the dried blobs on the plastic.
But then I wasn't happy with the appearance, so added my brand new---- Aussie made..
Gloss 'n Sparkle- spectra-flair topcoat.
Awesome shiney-ness for a sunny day.
I was looking through the large cheeky stamping plates for something spooky.. and that isn't going to be used during other Halloween challenge days..
I came across the design that, never in my life I would be willing to choose to use as something pretty for my nails.
CH33: recycling symbol.
Stamping polish: SH instadri- jumping jade
Outside- Sunny Melbourne day :)

Outside- in shade.
Why did cheeky choose that specific design?? So that we nail chicks can get the message out to everyone to save the world by recycling??
So I can now say that yes, I have now used this design...
Then and only then was my crappy non- water marble spooky Halloween challenge mani complete !!
Thank you everyone for giving me inspiration by your inlinkz.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Chucky: This is Halloween Challenge

Hello.. Welcome to the first mani for the month under the "This is Halloween" banner.

To be honest with you, I haven't seen a lot of gorey or horror genre movies. The last time would have been at a sleepover when I was in high school.

Anyway, today my mani is based on the movie character of Chucky.

Haha, a google search pulled up a kids costume..


Contact me if you want a copy of the inlinkz code so you can take part in the Halloween Challenge :)

What to do now the 30Day Challenge is over?

Hello.. Here is the magic post where I have a go at an awesome mani someone did during the 30 Day Challenge; as well as a tally of how many new polishes I have had to accommodate in the nail polish palace- aka silver helmer.

Polish: ulta3- purple pumps, sportsgirl (Nail it!)- phoenix
Crescent: L'oreal- mystic blue


Inspired by:
I loved this mani because of the bright polish colours and the pretty looops on the half moon. Earlier in the month when it was half moon mani day I cheated and used stamping plate image in the crescent shape.
Today I used the image from purple-polish as inspiration to complete a mani similar to hers.


In total I have used:
16 (days 1-10) +
19 (days 11-20) +
10 (days 21-30)
= 45 previously untried polish bottles :)

Join the "This is Halloween challenge" !!!!!     Today's theme (Ocober 1) is horror movie.

30-YAY.. Inspired by a tutorial. [30 day challenge/ untrieds]

Hello..We have made it to the last day of the month, but you can't get rid of me that easily. I know I have been saying it's a [30 day challenge/ untrieds]. But it also will include another post tomorrow..

Inspiration: One of the first ever tutorials I saw, which then added to me becoming obsessed with polish is.. a demo on using konad plates.

Base polish: ulta3- watermelon, essence- galactic black
Stamping polish: konad- purple pearl
Dots: essence- purple diamond
Image plate: CH16

List of no-longer-untried-polish, used in days 21-30 = 10 bottles..
B collection by bloom:
  • Edinburgh
  • Osaka
  • Stellare notte
Butter London:
  • Pillar box red
  • Frozen queen
  • Galactic black
  • Ultimate pink
Essence- multi dimension:
  • Purple diamond
  • Mystic blue
  • Purple pumps

I'll miss seeing the below challenge entries every day. They are all wonderful at what they do, and I loved the array of imagination on the 30 Day Challenge themes.