Friday, 28 December 2012

Part 2: Top 10 plus 1. My favourite polishes


Hello.. Herein I have continued to provide a review of my favourite polish things as a conclusion to 2012.. If you want to do so also, the google doc is here :)

1. Best image plate: I heart polish 2012 cheeky plate (CH40) [used in 2012 post]
2. Best online polish purchase: Duri Rejuvacote
3. Best thing I found out from a blog: loodie polish remover recipe
4. Best group on facebook: Aussie nails 
5. Best I own from ulta3 brand: black plum [used in 2012 post]
6. Best I own from essence brand: irreplaceable [used in 2012 post]
7. Best I own from b collection by bloom: Mykonos [used in 2012 post]

8. Best I own from Butter London: disco biscuit
9. Best I own from Models own: champagne
10. Best ordinary polish for stamping: ulta3- orchid
11. Polish untried for the longest time: boots no.7- lucky lilac
Have you done a best of 2012 post?
Which of these do you also have?
Are there any you are going to your wish list?

Let me know in the comments..

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Top 10 plus 1: A review of my favourite things

Helllo… As the end of the year approaches I have gathered a list of my collection from here  and pulled out the drawers of my helmer to rediscover the best of my best.
If you want to join me I have a blank copy of the list here.

  1. Best red: China Glaze- ruby pumps
  2. Best blue: essence- let's get lost
  3. Best green: Sally Hansen insta-dri- jumpin jade
  4. Best black: Face of Australia (Molten Metallics)- iron ore
  5. Best purple: I couldn't choose only one..
                     essence- passion for fashion
                     bourjois- 9
  1. Best pink: Models Own- Lili's pink
  2. Best other colour (that includes the oranges, browns, silvers): Rimmel- pop! (orange)
  3. Best glitter:  BYS- adventures of Alice
  4. Best "I cant describe the colour hue of this polish": carla- 65
  5. Best "I keep looking at my nails instead of working": color club- cherubic
  6. Best polish I wish I owned (yep I'm coveting): In Northern Lights- out the door


Do you have any of these too? Are they your favourite, or is something better in its place? Let me know by leaving a comment.. Thanks for reading :)

Tomorrow I bring you part 2 of my favourite things, yep it's a lot of polish and other fun stuff for the year..

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Elf Me

Hello..  Today is elf theme day.

I have never seen an elf in Australia, because they are fictional characters right? But the other week at work we had a bit of fun uploading our pics to the faces in the link below, to elf ourselves..

You can do your own from

My pinterest again came to the rescue for this theme, as I had seen a mani featuring an elf.. costume.
And what do the elves do? Make Santa's presents of course !!

Base polish: essie- bangle jangle, china glaze- liquid crystal [except feature nail (Nail it- emerald city, colorclub- untamed luxury, ulta3- firetruck, claire's- black nail art pen)
Stamping polish: ulta3- orchid
Image plate: BM205
poshe topcoat
black triangle diamontes

See you soon, you're invited to my BBQ..

Monday, 10 December 2012

ANM: delicate, girlie and dainty

Hello.. Delicate is the theme for today.. It really was quite an effort to create this simple mani during the September 2012 30 day Challenge, but I realised my love of pinterest could help me..

Base polish: essence- you belong to me
Stamping polish: ulta3- orchid
Image plate: BM315
essie 3 way glaze topcoat

In shade.

My inspiration--
I wanted to create a flowery diagonal along the tips, like the following:
 Luvin the daisy stamping on the tips

Sunday, 9 December 2012

My green Aussie Christmas nails

Hello.. I've got my green mani to show you, as part of the Aussie Christmas Challenge.

Have you been having fun creating, taking part in this challenge? This theme today is a simple colour, and for me it represents the start of summer as the grass is lush and having picnics in the park.
After January our front lawn gets really dry and prickly.

Onto the mani, me reminiscing to childhood Christmases past in Australia, playing outside and having fun with other kids from the neighbourhood all day during the summer holidays.

Base polish: essence (seasons of extreme 4)- just the nude of us
Stamping polish: color club- angel kiss
Image plate: BM312
essie 3 way glaze topcoat

Pic taken outside, in shade
bonus pic: My first take on green nails- a hot mess jelly sandwich of
BYS- flashdance and ulta3- luck of the irish

SSSP: gold polish

Hello.. Welcome to another Sunday Stamping Sneak Peek (SSSP)..
The theme for this week from AIS is gold (anywhere)

Base polish: essie- marshmallow, Nail it! (sportsgirl)- star bright
Stamping polish: Barry M- gold foil, colorclub- blue heaven
Image plate: CH31 (music notes), CH36 (sunnies)

All pics taken outside..
 In shade.
In sun.

In shade.

In shade.

My thumb is here too :) In shade.

In sun.. ahhh the holo-ness.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Nail mail: secret santa pressie

Hello.. the gals on Aussie Nails had a secret Santa swapsie and I had an awesome time trying to select the perfect things for my recipient's Christmas gift.

On the other hand, there came in the mail on November 13 a package with my name on it. I left it in the spot where we normally put up out tree- under a table so it was hiding a teensy bit, but my willpower finally gave in. I was so eager to open it and see what was inside. Over 3 weeks I waited, before I caved.  well here's a look see what it contained once I had unwrapped it all.

There was Christmas tinsel, it made me laugh to see a bit of it escaped onto my desk a few days later.
The chocolate Santa's, I scoffed an extra 2 of them while I unwrapped the other gifts inside.
The mini bows were ultra cute, I stuck them back onto the top of the unwrapped polish bottle gifts.
Non polish gifts- starfish erasers and a seashell compact mirror.
A box of Jelly Belly, now next to my laptop on the desk, providing nourishment, the cherry and tutti fruitti are a new favourite.

POLISH    :)
BYS- midnight blue

Jezy- 25
Nail it! (Sportsgirl)- star bright
Ulta3- over the rainbow
I love giving polish presents, and of course getting them are fun too.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Summer sunsets at Christmas-time


My polish today doesn't have any nail art, but instead reminds me of a glorious clear sky summer evening. 

As the sun sets, the sky flashes pink and glittering stars appear in the dusk as a warning for another warm day again tomorrow..

Base polish: BYS- pretty as a peach, Butter London- knackered
Poshe topcoat

Next pic is inside..
Loving the creativity of other Aussie gals :)


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pool party at my place

Hello.. Today's pool party day for the Aussie Christmas challenge.

You're invited too, so get your togs/ bathers/ swimmers/ budgie smugglers on..
Ooh by the way, Melbourne is not experiencing summer weather today, it's very windy and chilly- even had the heater on in the early morning.

On to the polish by the pool..

All the essentials for a pool party are there: 
sunshine, cocktails, sunnies, bathers, flip flops (thongs) and waves. 

Base polish: BYS- blue bang
Stamping polish: ulta3- orchid, Barry M- gold foil, Sally Hansen insta-dri- Night flight; rushing rubies, Models own- blue moon, essence- hard to resist
Image plate: CH37, BM205
Star diamonte
Ulta3 topcoat
Poshe topcoat 

Others having fun in the pool..

Monday, 3 December 2012

Aussie Christmas: 6 white things

Hello.. I did my mani a day earlier, and as I was putting the post together realised that what I thought was appropriate for today's theme, was so so so wrong..

Base polish: Sally Hansen insta-dri- Jumpin'jade
Stamping polish: konad- white, Barry M- silver foil, konad pastel blue
Image plate: BM214, BM213
Poshe topcoat

Check out the other fabulous participants.
Hope they realised that boomers are kangaroos and not flying deers like I did :)

ANM: glad to be here

Hello.. Welcome to another addition of Aussie Nails Monday

Todays theme is "Glad wrap". This is not a nail art style that I have tried before, so my memories of tutorials from pinterest I created the following.

I did one hand in red and green- traditional christmas colours.
Base polish: essence- choose me
layered polish: China glaze- ruby pumps
ulta3 topcoat
Poshe topcoat

.. and a blurry one, I can see clearly the red here..

The other hand I used 2 of my new polishes from the ulta3 candy cane.
Base polish: ulta3- sea breeze
layered polish: ulta3- acapulco bliss
ulta3- silver glitter
ulta3 topcoat
Poshe topcoat

Don't forget the other lovely ladies participating in Aussie Nails Monday :)

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