Saturday, 8 December 2012

Nail mail: secret santa pressie

Hello.. the gals on Aussie Nails had a secret Santa swapsie and I had an awesome time trying to select the perfect things for my recipient's Christmas gift.

On the other hand, there came in the mail on November 13 a package with my name on it. I left it in the spot where we normally put up out tree- under a table so it was hiding a teensy bit, but my willpower finally gave in. I was so eager to open it and see what was inside. Over 3 weeks I waited, before I caved.  well here's a look see what it contained once I had unwrapped it all.

There was Christmas tinsel, it made me laugh to see a bit of it escaped onto my desk a few days later.
The chocolate Santa's, I scoffed an extra 2 of them while I unwrapped the other gifts inside.
The mini bows were ultra cute, I stuck them back onto the top of the unwrapped polish bottle gifts.
Non polish gifts- starfish erasers and a seashell compact mirror.
A box of Jelly Belly, now next to my laptop on the desk, providing nourishment, the cherry and tutti fruitti are a new favourite.

POLISH    :)
BYS- midnight blue

Jezy- 25
Nail it! (Sportsgirl)- star bright
Ulta3- over the rainbow
I love giving polish presents, and of course getting them are fun too.


  1. This looks like an awesome package, I'm still waiting to unwrap mine. :)


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