Thursday, 27 December 2012

Top 10 plus 1: A review of my favourite things

Helllo… As the end of the year approaches I have gathered a list of my collection from here  and pulled out the drawers of my helmer to rediscover the best of my best.
If you want to join me I have a blank copy of the list here.

  1. Best red: China Glaze- ruby pumps
  2. Best blue: essence- let's get lost
  3. Best green: Sally Hansen insta-dri- jumpin jade
  4. Best black: Face of Australia (Molten Metallics)- iron ore
  5. Best purple: I couldn't choose only one..
                     essence- passion for fashion
                     bourjois- 9
  1. Best pink: Models Own- Lili's pink
  2. Best other colour (that includes the oranges, browns, silvers): Rimmel- pop! (orange)
  3. Best glitter:  BYS- adventures of Alice
  4. Best "I cant describe the colour hue of this polish": carla- 65
  5. Best "I keep looking at my nails instead of working": color club- cherubic
  6. Best polish I wish I owned (yep I'm coveting): In Northern Lights- out the door


Do you have any of these too? Are they your favourite, or is something better in its place? Let me know by leaving a comment.. Thanks for reading :)

Tomorrow I bring you part 2 of my favourite things, yep it's a lot of polish and other fun stuff for the year..


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