Thursday, 31 January 2013

It's my birthday!

Hello.. This was my birthday mani from 29/01/2013. [Posted 23/02]

We went out for dinner, then 2 days later we went to Swedish House Mafia- VIP area (finger food and vodka drinks) in Melbourne, at Sidney Myer Music Bowl..

Base polish: essence- cool and the gang, essence- blue addicted (thumb), max factor- fantasy fire
Stamping polish: konad- pastel blue
Image plate: B68
poshe topcoat

The VIP area was in the balcony, the same on both sides- as you can see ontop of my watermark.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

ANM: black and white and AN Melb meetup

Hello.. Today is the Australia Day public holiday.. long weekend. yay!
[My previous blogged about black and white mani in September 2012.]

I'm using Aussie brand ulta3 for my mani today.

Base polish: ulta3- lily white
Stamping polish: ulta3- black satin
stamping plate: CH31
essie- 3 way glaze

---------------------- [mani for lunch with ladies from Aussie Nails] ----------------------

Base polish: models own- jade stone, chi chi- booty-licious, Gloss 'n' Sparkle- spectraflair topcoat
Stamping polish: ulta3- orchid, color club- cherbic
Image plate: CH40, CH14
poshe- topcoat

[We got the cutest group pic.. but I haven't sought permission to use it, yet.]

newly acquired:
Shades of Phoenix- Dionysus
rainbow honey- frozen flame.
Sportsgirl. Nail it!- northern lights
stamping plate- B68

Monday, 28 January 2013

AUS: Thongs and a bonus N.O.T.Australia.D.

Hello there.. I have a few pics and youtube clips in this post, first some to nails to celebrate everything that I love about Australia.

 I stamped thongs. The shoes others call flip flops.
I actually live in them about 9 months of the year.
I also used tape to create a letter "A".
I had a bad break so have trimmed them down to nubbins.

 Australis: liquid gold (stamping polish)
 Ulta3: purple pumps
 Sportsgirl. Nail it!: emerald city
Stamping plate: BM309
sticky tape
essie- 3 way glaze

---------------------------------- [Australia NOTD mani below]----------------------------------------

My sister won tiks 24 hours before Australia Day to: Big Day Out- Melbourne.

My mani for the day was inspired by Michelle Wong who said in an Aussie Nails post she was using a blue polish and adding ulta3- disco fever (a red glitter), and a white glitter.

Base polish: models own- feeling blue, ulta3- disco fever, ulta3- silver glitter (one nail)
Stamping polish: Barry M- silver foil (thumb)
Image plate: CH31
no topcoats used, yes there is a bit of tip wear.

I had a moment staring into the eyes of the lead singer of the Killers; and loved singing along with everyone to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers "under the bridge".

Not my video. Sound is good though.  Uploaded by Rilian 2584

Not my video. Crushing on those eyes ;) Uploaded by Hercusoid

Sunday, 27 January 2013

SSSP: taped firstly

Hello.. Welcome to another Sunday Stamping Sneak Peek (SSSP)..
The theme for this week from AIS is using tape.

Base polish: Sportsgirl. Nail it!- phoenix, Australis- emerald star
Stamping polish: Barry M- silver foil
Image plate: CH40
sticky tape

Thursday, 24 January 2013

AUS: Maate

Hello.. This mani is one of my Aussie themed.
Remember I'm only using Australis, Ulta3 and Sportsgirl brand polish.
I'll put the nail pics up first, then do an explanation after..

 Australis: flip flops
 Ulta3: allure
 Sportsgirl. Nail it!: volcanic sparks
Stamping plate: BM304
Stamping polish: konad- white
  • 2 coats of Ulta3- Allure (except 3rd nail).
  • Saran/glad wrap technique: with Australis- flip flops over 2 nails, with Sportsgirl- volcanic sparks over pinky.
  • Stamping over each nail.

Okay, so you have perused my mani. Are you wondering why its got happy faces stamped on it?
Well hear me out, remember the post title- MATE!
Of course, a mate is someone who is good for a party in a group, and is fun. These nails are a group of smiley face mates! Now where's my drink, mate?

AUS: Pineapple

Hello.. in the lead up to Australia Day (26 January), I've some manis depicting things I love about Australia.

Also I am only using polish brands that begin with A, U and S.
A for Australis, U for Ulta3 and S for Sportsgirl (it also has "nail it!" name on the bottle).

Australis: limited edition 2
Ulta3: crazy
Sportsgirl. Nail it!: love potion

Stamping plate: CH20
Stamping polish: ulta3- gold rush fever

Have you been to the big pineapple? I love how we have a lot of giant fibreglass-y items that make an area famous.
The Big Pineapple
Now, as well as the mani, I need to ask if you are for or against pineapple appearing on a pizza (a sweet fruit on a savoury food)? What about pineapple in a salad (a fruit in a vegetable salad)?
Love some of the responses I have heard over summer, it's fun to hear the explanations why you have it in a certain food?

Also I'm piggy backing on Cathy's Aussie Day Nails lead up, that features an inlinkz.
So if you are reading this and are also Australian, get on it (before the 26th).
And if you came from another blog through the inlinkz-- thanks so much for reading down to the end !!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

AUS: Footy

Hello.. Here's another Aussie Day theme-y post.

I have to admit I'm not at all a hardcore fan of footy, or rugby, or soccer, or many sports at all.
Also I haven't had anyone close explain their love for it to me.
I'm happy if yo9u love it, but please don't hate me, cos I really don't get it!!

Australis: speck-tacular

Ulta3: black plum

Sportsgirl. Nail it!: star bright
Stamping plate: CH35
Stamping polish: konad- black, ulta3- black plum
Claire's- black nail art pen

The black lines on my pinky are goal posts.
There are2 long ones in the middle and a shorter one either side.
Speck-tacular is on all nails.
It's really hard to capture on the white gold :(


Monday, 21 January 2013

ANM: skittles and hearts

Hello.. [Post uploaded on 23/02/2013, for ANM on 21/01]

(outside, cloudy)

(outside, sun- Nail Junkie added to pointer)

(outside, shade)

Base polish: Butter London- slapper
Stamping polish: ulta3- orchid
Image plate: BM317
[Thumb] ulta3- orchid
[Pointer] Sinful- Nail Junkie
[Middle] Gloss 'n Sparkle- spectraflair topcoat
[Ring] (plain)
[Pinky] China Glaze- luxe and lush
essie- 3 way glaze

Saturday, 19 January 2013

SSSP: De cup-a-cake has a show-err

Hello.. [I' ve posted this on 23/02/2013, due on 19/01]
Welcome to another Sunday Stamping Sneak Peek (SSSP)..
The theme for this week from AIS is an accent nail- see what I did with the title- I wrote it with an accent. Onto my nails for you to see.

Backstory- I was invited to a baby shower afternoon tea, and couldn't find my stamping plate with a baby bottle on it. I already had the full mani of Gloss n Sparkle- unicorn droppings, and it reminded me of cupcake sprinkles, so I modified it.

Accent nail.
Base: China Glaze- senorita bonita
Stamping polish- color club- harp on it
Image plate: CH15
poshe- topcoat


Base polish: essence- frozen queen (right hand), essence- sparkling water lily (left hand)
Gloss 'n Sparkle- unicorn droppings, China Glaze- Senorita bonita , color club- harp on it
Stamping polish: konad- red
Image plate: CH15
poshe- topcoat



Monday, 14 January 2013

Fishtail on my nail

It's Monday and let's get straight into a weeks worth of posts from me- starting with the ANM theme for this week "fishtail" !

Base polish: Glamazon- windsor, max factor- fantasy fire (it has 1 thorough coat of fantasy fire, but is invisible in the pics)
Fishtail braid: models own- lilac dream; green flash; champagne
essie- 3 way glaze

Outside, in shade

Outside, but no sunshine. Cloudy day today here :(

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See the title of my post- I'm like Dr Seuss only not as rich.. 
What are your guesses for next Monday's theme??

Sunday, 13 January 2013

SSSP: put the light on top

Hello.. Welcome to another Sunday Stamping Sneak Peek (SSSP)..
The theme for this week from AIS is "light stamp over a dark base"

I started with a layer of dark blue polish, then added the gold/blue glitter of "through the looking glass".

The full image stamp is of swirls, then I added a white rabbit (like from Alice in Wonderland..)

Inside pic

Outside pic

The polish has tiny bright pink and blue glitters too.

Base polish: BYS- midnight blue, BYS- through the looking glass
Stamping polish: Models Own- blue moon, konad- white
Image plate: CH52, BM302
poshe topcoat
essie- 3 way glaze