Thursday, 24 January 2013

AUS: Pineapple

Hello.. in the lead up to Australia Day (26 January), I've some manis depicting things I love about Australia.

Also I am only using polish brands that begin with A, U and S.
A for Australis, U for Ulta3 and S for Sportsgirl (it also has "nail it!" name on the bottle).

Australis: limited edition 2
Ulta3: crazy
Sportsgirl. Nail it!: love potion

Stamping plate: CH20
Stamping polish: ulta3- gold rush fever

Have you been to the big pineapple? I love how we have a lot of giant fibreglass-y items that make an area famous.
The Big Pineapple
Now, as well as the mani, I need to ask if you are for or against pineapple appearing on a pizza (a sweet fruit on a savoury food)? What about pineapple in a salad (a fruit in a vegetable salad)?
Love some of the responses I have heard over summer, it's fun to hear the explanations why you have it in a certain food?

Also I'm piggy backing on Cathy's Aussie Day Nails lead up, that features an inlinkz.
So if you are reading this and are also Australian, get on it (before the 26th).
And if you came from another blog through the inlinkz-- thanks so much for reading down to the end !!


  1. Great colours, and I love your A U and S concept. And of course I'm totally for pineapple on pizza!! Less so in salad, but still yummy!

  2. Wow! Beautiful!Those color are absolutely stunning.Thank you for sharing this blog.

    Murano Glass


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