Sunday, 13 January 2013

Love is in the air, nope on my nails

Hello.. from a land where technology was not my friend. 

This mani was from earlier in the week, and I was so amazed by the holo-ness of it in the sun I wanted to show you all, but blogger wouldn't give me a box to clicky to upload my pics.. I just realised (yes nearly a week later) that I should try chrome to see it would let me up load.. 

And yay! it did, here we are take a look.

Last pic taken outside in shade. 

Base polish. Colour club- cherubic.
CH15 (hearts) essie- size matters
BM311 (love script) konad- white
Accent nail. 
CH55 ($) konad- white
CH53 (words) essie- size matters
Thumb nail. 
CH53 (words) essie- size matters
BM311 (love script) konad- white


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