Wednesday, 23 January 2013

AUS: Footy

Hello.. Here's another Aussie Day theme-y post.

I have to admit I'm not at all a hardcore fan of footy, or rugby, or soccer, or many sports at all.
Also I haven't had anyone close explain their love for it to me.
I'm happy if yo9u love it, but please don't hate me, cos I really don't get it!!

Australis: speck-tacular

Ulta3: black plum

Sportsgirl. Nail it!: star bright
Stamping plate: CH35
Stamping polish: konad- black, ulta3- black plum
Claire's- black nail art pen

The black lines on my pinky are goal posts.
There are2 long ones in the middle and a shorter one either side.
Speck-tacular is on all nails.
It's really hard to capture on the white gold :(



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