Monday, 28 January 2013

AUS: Thongs and a bonus N.O.T.Australia.D.

Hello there.. I have a few pics and youtube clips in this post, first some to nails to celebrate everything that I love about Australia.

 I stamped thongs. The shoes others call flip flops.
I actually live in them about 9 months of the year.
I also used tape to create a letter "A".
I had a bad break so have trimmed them down to nubbins.

 Australis: liquid gold (stamping polish)
 Ulta3: purple pumps
 Sportsgirl. Nail it!: emerald city
Stamping plate: BM309
sticky tape
essie- 3 way glaze

---------------------------------- [Australia NOTD mani below]----------------------------------------

My sister won tiks 24 hours before Australia Day to: Big Day Out- Melbourne.

My mani for the day was inspired by Michelle Wong who said in an Aussie Nails post she was using a blue polish and adding ulta3- disco fever (a red glitter), and a white glitter.

Base polish: models own- feeling blue, ulta3- disco fever, ulta3- silver glitter (one nail)
Stamping polish: Barry M- silver foil (thumb)
Image plate: CH31
no topcoats used, yes there is a bit of tip wear.

I had a moment staring into the eyes of the lead singer of the Killers; and loved singing along with everyone to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers "under the bridge".

Not my video. Sound is good though.  Uploaded by Rilian 2584

Not my video. Crushing on those eyes ;) Uploaded by Hercusoid


  1. OMG!! These manis are so awesome!!! I super like the color used on each mani. You def have the talent so keep it up. Love it!


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