Tuesday, 19 April 2011

So I only started my blog about 4 hours ago, but word up ladies and gents..

Linked here is the best thing you will read all day. Its a giveaway for the prettiest and most shimmery polishes I can ever hope to own..

The reason for the giveaway is that the lovely blog at More Nail Polish is.. a celebratory 1 year old..

The contest is open to everyone in the world- but only until 20th April... times ticking.. get entering !!

2011 Nail designs retrospective.. PART 3..

I was stalking the forums looking for ideas for nail designs when I came across the wonderful vogue forums, with a thread dedicated to ulta3 nail polish.

I went to the Warehouse Sale in April 2011 and purchased other beauty stuff, but my faves are the Ulta3 nail polishes I stocked up on.
18 nail polishes all up- 1 ulta3 was for free with voucher, 1 covergirl brand, 2 silver nail art, 2 pink nail art.
so in total 13 ulta3 polishes.
the colours were a bit, blah, but cause they were discontinued or left over stock I thought I should grab them while they were still available.

The week later I also went to my local Terry White chemist to stock up on these snazzy looking ulta3 polishes-- bargain price of $2 each..
you want to see a nail design using the ulta polish?
Here it goes..

Base polish: ulta3 twilight fever
Stamping polish: TBN silver
image plate: BM20 (ferny design)
-- with the top coat, it was so hard for me to capture the true beautiful shimmer colours in the base polish.

Base polish: ulta3 blossom fever
Stamping polish: konad pastel blue
image plate: BM16 (zebra print)
-- I loved the base polish, it also had a beautiful shimmer to it (red), but the nail design reminded me of blue vein cheese- I also think I had it stamped on upside down?

The blossom fever is much the same colour as the ulta3 i also have in baby pink.
The slight differences are the shimmers, with blossom fever having the red and baby pink having a whitish pearl shimmer.
Both lovely and both different :)

This is of ulta3 twilight fever again. bad camera- sorry you can barely tell.
Base polish: ulta3 twilight fever
Stamping polish: konad white
image plate:BM05 (thumb), BM18 (tips)
-- This is a bit of a dodgy job on the tips- still practising?- but i love the thumb design.
* credit for this design is from someone who popped up in google images..

2011 Nail designs retrospective.. PART 2..

My Pics are taken on iPhone.. so there's no flash and only 4mp.. time to upgrade, or by a proper camera..

U wanna see more pics of my nails for 2011, well why didn't you say so?
oh u didn't-- its OK, i can use this as a personal reference anyway..

Next up (drum roll anyone..)
Base polish: clear
tip polish: white
stamping polish: konad purple
image plate: BM08 (chandelier)
gold nail art polish
-- This was a quick one, I love how long my nail whites are here, the only stamping was done on my thumbs, but I could not get a good pic of it..

Base polish: old avon  in gold
stamping polish: konad purple
image plate: BM21 (joined circles)
-- This design was a bit ugly, and the lines smudged a lot, but I was very proud to not take all day to complete it.

Next up.. love affair with the cheapest polish in Australia !!

2011 Nail designs retrospective.. PART 1..

These are the konad stamping polishes I purchased from wowsocool.com in Jan 2011.
Konad: White- Black- Light Blue- Pink- Pearl Purple- White Pearl- Red- Clear Top Coat.

I purchased the Bundle Monster nail stamping image plates because they were so cheap and had great reviews on the net.

The first nail stamping design was because of valentines day (Feb 2011).
Base polish: TBN silver
tips: SH pink
stamping polish: konad pink, red
image plates:BM02 (lips), BM09 (LOVE)

I only have 1 konad image plate- M79.
I purchased it off eBay, after accidentally putting $99 in the biding box instead of $0.99- anyway i ended up paying about $7 for it, way much more that i wanted to..

Here's some nail designs I used it for:

Base polish: old avon in pink
stamping polish: konad white
image plate: M79 (lace on a diagonal)
-- A valentines contest on facebook for OC nail art where you had to do designs on a hand and a foot.

Base polish: BYS In da club (n197- neon Blue)
Stamping polish: konad white
image plate: M79 (clouds)
-- This was for the school sports day (March 2011)- Blue house- we won !!

Next post will have all the fantastic Bundle Monster designs..

Nails or not nails..

hello my name is missa, or issta or even mel.

I decided very late to give up designs on my nails for lent.
Since Sat 16th April have had green polish and silver glitter on..
I think i should give up something to make a sacrifice for Easter.
I can't give up any food, like chips as i don't eat potato anyway.

I have noticed in the last paragraph how bad my spelling is when i type, i think its just because the words are coming so fast, but my fingers can't keep up.
Maybe i will  have to practice, anyone got an old Mavis beacon typing program??
(Edit: I just realised that they have spellcheck on here.. hehe gone back and used it on today's posts !!)

so first boring post is nearly done, here's one pic to make it more interesting..

base polish:Ulta3 in Midnight Fever
plate: BM12
stamping polish: konad pink, ulta3 gold rush fever

This is a pic of the nails i uploaded for the bundle monster facebook contest.
I would love it if u found my blog and could vote for me.. I wont know if you did or not, but here's the link so please help me out ??
don't forget to allow the contests app then u can vote away.

Next post will have more pics of my nails so far..