Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Nails or not nails..

hello my name is missa, or issta or even mel.

I decided very late to give up designs on my nails for lent.
Since Sat 16th April have had green polish and silver glitter on..
I think i should give up something to make a sacrifice for Easter.
I can't give up any food, like chips as i don't eat potato anyway.

I have noticed in the last paragraph how bad my spelling is when i type, i think its just because the words are coming so fast, but my fingers can't keep up.
Maybe i will  have to practice, anyone got an old Mavis beacon typing program??
(Edit: I just realised that they have spellcheck on here.. hehe gone back and used it on today's posts !!)

so first boring post is nearly done, here's one pic to make it more interesting..

base polish:Ulta3 in Midnight Fever
plate: BM12
stamping polish: konad pink, ulta3 gold rush fever

This is a pic of the nails i uploaded for the bundle monster facebook contest.
I would love it if u found my blog and could vote for me.. I wont know if you did or not, but here's the link so please help me out ??
don't forget to allow the contests app then u can vote away.

Next post will have more pics of my nails so far..


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