Tuesday, 19 April 2011

2011 Nail designs retrospective.. PART 3..

I was stalking the forums looking for ideas for nail designs when I came across the wonderful vogue forums, with a thread dedicated to ulta3 nail polish.

I went to the Warehouse Sale in April 2011 and purchased other beauty stuff, but my faves are the Ulta3 nail polishes I stocked up on.
18 nail polishes all up- 1 ulta3 was for free with voucher, 1 covergirl brand, 2 silver nail art, 2 pink nail art.
so in total 13 ulta3 polishes.
the colours were a bit, blah, but cause they were discontinued or left over stock I thought I should grab them while they were still available.

The week later I also went to my local Terry White chemist to stock up on these snazzy looking ulta3 polishes-- bargain price of $2 each..
you want to see a nail design using the ulta polish?
Here it goes..

Base polish: ulta3 twilight fever
Stamping polish: TBN silver
image plate: BM20 (ferny design)
-- with the top coat, it was so hard for me to capture the true beautiful shimmer colours in the base polish.

Base polish: ulta3 blossom fever
Stamping polish: konad pastel blue
image plate: BM16 (zebra print)
-- I loved the base polish, it also had a beautiful shimmer to it (red), but the nail design reminded me of blue vein cheese- I also think I had it stamped on upside down?

The blossom fever is much the same colour as the ulta3 i also have in baby pink.
The slight differences are the shimmers, with blossom fever having the red and baby pink having a whitish pearl shimmer.
Both lovely and both different :)

This is of ulta3 twilight fever again. bad camera- sorry you can barely tell.
Base polish: ulta3 twilight fever
Stamping polish: konad white
image plate:BM05 (thumb), BM18 (tips)
-- This is a bit of a dodgy job on the tips- still practising?- but i love the thumb design.
* credit for this design is from someone who popped up in google images..


  1. Great post!
    I'm interested to know, what is the warehouse sale?

    1. Hi, the company is Heat Group- located in Melbourne, Australia.. They are having another sale soon: http://www.heatgroup.com.au/content/heat-warehouse-sale-september-2012


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