Polish: possessions and storage

Here are my pinterest boards on my always changing, and if you're lucky up to date list of:
Also my polish collection and it even has a tab listing my ulta3 polishes.
So at the moment- my google doc is aranged by brand, as well as then numberically for the brands with multiple polishes.
But, in sorting and storing the polishes in my helmer they are arranged by colour groupings.

Pics of the inside of my helmer & polish area will go here..

I also have to show you how I store my stamping plates. I recently upgraded their home from a photo album to containers.

Circle plastic container holds small stamping plates- bundle monster, cheeky and few konad. 
Square box holds cheeky larger circle plates, as they arrived in.

Drawer 1 of Helmer: 
Konad and stamping polish (close to handle in yellow box). 
Along side are bottles of top coats, matte top coat, base treatments.
Additional bottles, brand new. And clear top coats. 
Small black box of random stuff.

Drawer 2- crackle, glitter, nail art pens and striping tape/ stickers
Drawer 3- green and blue
Drawer4- Black, silver, brown/ beige, red, orange/peach
Drawer 5- yellow, pink, purple

Drawer 6- has special things, i'll get you a pic asap



  1. where do you buy your nail polish?! cause i live in australia and its super expensive! :) love your blog by the way

  2. Can I borrow some stamp plates?? Teach me how to stamp :D


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