Tuesday, 19 April 2011

2011 Nail designs retrospective.. PART 1..

These are the konad stamping polishes I purchased from wowsocool.com in Jan 2011.
Konad: White- Black- Light Blue- Pink- Pearl Purple- White Pearl- Red- Clear Top Coat.

I purchased the Bundle Monster nail stamping image plates because they were so cheap and had great reviews on the net.

The first nail stamping design was because of valentines day (Feb 2011).
Base polish: TBN silver
tips: SH pink
stamping polish: konad pink, red
image plates:BM02 (lips), BM09 (LOVE)

I only have 1 konad image plate- M79.
I purchased it off eBay, after accidentally putting $99 in the biding box instead of $0.99- anyway i ended up paying about $7 for it, way much more that i wanted to..

Here's some nail designs I used it for:

Base polish: old avon in pink
stamping polish: konad white
image plate: M79 (lace on a diagonal)
-- A valentines contest on facebook for OC nail art where you had to do designs on a hand and a foot.

Base polish: BYS In da club (n197- neon Blue)
Stamping polish: konad white
image plate: M79 (clouds)
-- This was for the school sports day (March 2011)- Blue house- we won !!

Next post will have all the fantastic Bundle Monster designs..


  1. The white & blue clouds - mario style are so cute!! :)


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