Friday, 28 December 2012

Part 2: Top 10 plus 1. My favourite polishes


Hello.. Herein I have continued to provide a review of my favourite polish things as a conclusion to 2012.. If you want to do so also, the google doc is here :)

1. Best image plate: I heart polish 2012 cheeky plate (CH40) [used in 2012 post]
2. Best online polish purchase: Duri Rejuvacote
3. Best thing I found out from a blog: loodie polish remover recipe
4. Best group on facebook: Aussie nails 
5. Best I own from ulta3 brand: black plum [used in 2012 post]
6. Best I own from essence brand: irreplaceable [used in 2012 post]
7. Best I own from b collection by bloom: Mykonos [used in 2012 post]

8. Best I own from Butter London: disco biscuit
9. Best I own from Models own: champagne
10. Best ordinary polish for stamping: ulta3- orchid
11. Polish untried for the longest time: boots no.7- lucky lilac
Have you done a best of 2012 post?
Which of these do you also have?
Are there any you are going to your wish list?

Let me know in the comments..


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