Thursday, 6 September 2012

6- violet. [30 day challenge/ untrieds]

Hello.. welcome to my post on violet polish for the [30 day challenge/ untrieds]. The polish I have for you was chosen as I think that it's not your average purple..

I was a bit overcome by the definition of purple vs. violet so I looked it up on wikipedia :)
Violet can be loosely defined as a blue purple.

On to the polish, b collection by bloom- mykonos (all of their polish I have are named after different cities), purchased a few weeks ago as Target are clearing out this brand. I went back last week and they were marked down again to $1 each, so I picked up an extra mykonos (and 10 other cities as well!).


I had so much trouble getting my iphone to give a clear and true reflection of the colour shade on my nail, it wanted to change it to a navy blue, when it should have been the same as the blurry pics above..

It was good to go in one coat, only I didn't apply it smoothly at the base of the nail, so added an extra coat. I think the full coverage of colour has given the polish a deep violet colouring, with an electric blue zing in the sunlight.



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