Tuesday, 11 September 2012

10- gradient. [30 day challenge/ untrieds]

Hello.. I should have given you this post yesterday.. but I was lazy and didn't upload any pics until now..
I have made it to the last day of the colour section, and I have used so many different and previously unused polishes in the past 10 days, normally I leave my manis on for 2-3 days..

Polish use in last 10 days = 16 untrieds :)


- liquid gold

B.C Co.

- shade 6 ( purple)

- shade 11 (black)

- shade 14 ( pink)

b collection by bloom:

- Aspen

- Detroit

- Mykonos

Essence: seasons of extremes

- its two bright glitter

- its two bright (blue)

- just the nude of us glitter

- we are all bright glitter

- we are all bright (green)

Nail it! (sportsgirl):

- Phoenix


- pop!


- black plum

- lily white (PRC)

So you want to see what today was like for my [30 day challenge/ untrieds]

Just to alert you I have never done a gradient before, although previously I did use the stamp on BM301, but the way it turned out, I wasn't 100% happy.

This time however, I was using a piece of kitchen sponge.

Polish used: BC- pink and BC- purple. They don't have colour names, just numbers on each bottle colour.

It turned out so very bumpy, and an added layer of glitter polish made it sparkle (b collection by bloom- aspen), but still if you came close enough to touch it, it was like a rollercoaster :)


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