Monday, 17 September 2012

17- glitter. [30 day challenge/ untrieds]

Hello..I'm going to be quick today and leave you with the pics and polish details for day 17 of the [30 day challenge/ untrieds].

Base polish: BC Co.- shade16 (light green) + BC Co.- shade 4 (purple glitter)
Dots: b by bloom collection- Dubai
Top coat: chi chi- paparazzi princess

And last pic today I hope makes you laugh (and not shudder in disgust), with my very awkward bottle pose.. I'm still such a newbie at this, and haven't found a comfy pose that I can do quickly..

See you tomorrow :)


  1. What a great color combination!

    Bottle poses are tricky. For me the key to nice bottle-holding pics is to angle my hand so the bottle's resting in my palm and do a really relaxed finger curl around it, rather than actually gripping the bottle. It might take a while to figure out what works for you, every hand is shaped differently! Also don't get discouraged if you have to keep adjusting fingers for it to look nice, your hand will get used to posing and do it on its own after a while!

    1. Thanks for the advice Kat.. I wish my pinky would co-operate more easily sometimes :)


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