Saturday, 1 September 2012

Not so secret gift, words and shoes

Hello.. At work this past week we've had a special/ secret buddy, that you can buy a gift for- and of course I gave my secret buddy a bottle of polish (Ulta3- Twilight fever), lucky it was a woman.
The secret buddy that was to be nice to me, asked what I liked and yep, I said nail polish. As an easy way out for him (a male teacher in his late 60's, I suggested he go to the chemist and buy OPI or its sister brand Nicole. In any colour, I wasn't fussy.
My lovely buddy gave me this gift today, in a diva bag (happy it may be jewellery, but sad it wasn't polish). I opened it up and discovered a lovely note, and not one but 3 bottles of polish (Ulta3).

I feel so lucky, as the gift of the polishes, are Ulta3 colours that I do not have already :)

Also in the past week I felt a need to photo these shoes, for the reason I think they are pretty.
They remind me of candy canes.
The shoes were purchased from an opshop, Pierre Fontaine brand, I think under $7.

My blue shoes were also noticed this week by a male teacher (during class- Him: "Nice shoes Mel". Me: "Thanks I like them". Then the year 7 girls in the class gave me a weird look for the rest of the lesson).
As well as by a sales assistant in the ABC Shop- Her: "Great colour shoes, wow blue material". Me: "Yeah, they are from BigW, bought them about 4 months ago". (May have been a sales ploy, we were checking out the clearance table?)


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