Wednesday, 5 September 2012

5- blue. [30 day challenge/ untrieds]

Hello.. [30 day challenge/ untrieds] is continuing, 5 down- 25 left.
Scheduled post, so I can keep on task at work :(

My bluest blue is from the essence colour3: seasons of extremes-  It's two bright.

The colour applied great, really smooth, and jelly like as you could see the nail clearly underneath, and with a top coat, it had a great shine.
On removal I had smurf nails, due to putting PVA on as my base coat, so I could peel it off later. Lucky it's going to be covered for the rest of the month due to the challenge.

I also have 3-4 other blues in my box of untrieds, hoping they will get used later in the month with the planned pattern days (which I am slightly dreading).

I was a bit lazy and layered it over my Sunday stamping polish, creating a glitter sandwich effect. On top of the polish on my left hand I layered the glitter shimmer topcoat, which is the same one I used for yellow day.
Blue on top of the Sunday stamping, with the yellow top coat over that.. created a pink glitter shimmer on the top.

I also looked for a shimmery blue topcoat, using the glitter polish from essence colour3: seasons of extremes- just the nude of us.

What challenge day are you looking forward to the most??


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