Saturday, 1 September 2012

SSSP: group inspiration & HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Hello.. Welcome to another Sunday Stamping Sneak Peek (SSSP)..
The theme for this week from AIS is "a mani based on something you have learnt from the group".

My inspiration is from this image, by Natalie Niu, wanting to create my own version of it, and I also haven't used this plate before (lol, the blue plastic was still on it). I also learnt from the group that you can stamp quite well with the Sally Hansen insta-dry polishes.

Also today, 1st September, is my nephew's 11th birthday. It is important to me as I have raised him since he was 6mths old. He loves Lego and hopes that everyone he invited to his party will buy him an ipod touch :)

So lovely readers, the following is a SSSP for AIS with a glittery Birthday twist !!


Base polish: essence- 22: what do u think? + Australis: fairybread
Stamping polish: S.H. insta-dry- night flight
Image plate: BM319

** pics are taken inside on my dodgy iphone camera. If I keep this mani on I'll take more pics tomorrow in the sunshine !!


  1. Awww! I'm so touched that I inspired someone =] Happy birthday to your nephew!


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