Thursday, 30 August 2012

September Challenge: Let's do the Time Warp

Hello.. I found this in my reading list, it's an amazing 8 session challenge and a giveaway rolled into one.

The downside for me is that I can't enter- but  you can, as long as you live in North America.

Maybe I will still enter, as the challenges seem interesting..

Monday, 27 August 2012

Guest post over at nailpolishrants

Hello.. Today ladies and gents (but I'm quite sure mainly ladies)..

I am guest posting at  Robyn's blog over at The rantings of a nail polish hoarder for her series of guest bloggers who have shared their story of the polish that made them start their polish collections.

Take a sneak at this pic below, then head on over to [] for the unfolding details.

It didn't have to be the very first polish, just the one that made you realise you're in too deep and there's a whole world of polish you need to get your hands on now..

See you there!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

mini max factor: fantasy fire.

Hello.. I am the proud owner of one of these teeny, tiny bottles of this magical polish.

It was sitting in its stand, abandoned by its twins. Other people in the aisle had no idea what goodness they had passed by with blinkers on.

So of course I snaffled up the last one in the display.

SSSP: Pulsating pink and purple.

Hello.. Welcome to another Sunday Stamping Sneak Peek (SSSP)..
The theme for this week from AIS is Pulsating pink and purple.
The wording reminds me of the pulsating or throbbing you feel in your bones after a night out with the loudest music you ever remember.

The thought of Pulsating pink= the brightest pink polish I had in my collection.
Stamped with the amazing purple stamping polish.

My iphone couldn't deal with the awesome brightness of the pink ...

The stamping image I had in mind was a beating heat, the pulse running through your body.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Small blogger followers unite: Liebster Award


Liebster Award from Chrisie at Fingers and Toads :)

[[ I only have 6 links- want to participate?? Contact me ]]

11 things about me:

1) My hair gets super frizzy and wavy, but never makes neat ringlet curls.

2) I have a fear of stickers. I can't stand them.

3) I love leaving music on while I am sleeping.

4) I rarely wear pants, preferring dresses and skirts.

5) I wish I could wear thongs/ flip flops all year.

6) My favourite attraction I've visited is the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Entry for Disney contest

Hello.. I was browsing my reading list and came across a contest for those who have an artistic flair.

The theme is DISNEY..
My favourite movie from Disney is....  part animation, part musical, part the dad from Mary Poppins and the lady from Murder she wrote..

Inspiration: in everyday life !

Hello.. What inspires you?
Could it be something tangible, like people and objects?? Or something you can't see, like a thought or future plans??

Inspiration, for me, comes from nature- the sounds and sights in the morning sunshine.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Jam packed with Pics: my busy week in polish

Hello.. Hope your week is great.

My new pretty polishes are from Australis, I picked up 2 of the "fairy bread" multicolored glitter from Priceline, for the snazzy price of 2 for $10 instead of their usual $7.95 each.
I liked this glitter as it has different sizes and colors to mix and match with many base coats for different occasions.

Base polish is a pink Franken, I made it for a friend as as a dupe for a Rimmel fuchsia polish I gave to my sister..

~My version of Revlon's whimsical but with less pink glitter was mixed with and layered over ulta3- eggshell. From faraway it looks like speckled blue eggs, but it shines nicely in the sun, the only downside to my creation was that once the polishes were mixed to create the franken the glitter settled to the bottom of my bottle. It's going to need a good shake to use it again.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sunday [late post..oops] SSP: fall aka autumn

Hello.. I am fully aware its not Sunday anymore, but I wasted time watching Big Brother instead of writing posts and transferring images from my phone to the computer.. forgive me?
The theme for this past week from AIS is "Can't wait for fall"... I have never used that word for a season.
In Australia at the moment we are in the season of winter. The fall you speak of in the northern hemisphere is about the same time that we are having spring.  Later after summer our season is called autumn.

So here following are my fall (aka autumn) nails..
I wanted to use neutral and brown based tones, with minty green pastel somewhere.
I didn't have a stamping plate that jumped out at me and said this reminds me of falling leaves and the weather getting cooler. So a pretty leafy pattern (that maybe a flower pattern?) in an autumn colour it is.

Do you call it fall or autumn??

Friday, 17 August 2012

Letter to my younger self

Hello.. it's Friday, and this is where I can share with you things colourful that are not on my nails..

On Thursdays at SeePrestonBlog they have a regular series where someone is featured to share a conversation you would have to the person you once were.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Brighten up my life

Hello.. I feel like I need to visit an exotic faraway holiday place, bright and sunny..

This does this remind me of a giant polish bottle.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Gnarlygnails: 500 followers giveaway

I stumbled across a giveaway for EVERYONE to enter right HERE


Sunday Stamping Sneak Peek (SSSP): using 2 stamps

Hello.. the theme for this week from AIS is using 2 different stamps in your mani.

I had no plate in mind that I wanted to use for stamping with. I firstly chose to stamp using red, and worked back from there.. choosing a base colour, then deciding I wanted to have a different colour accent nail, and finally picking up the handful of bundle monster series3 plates in a stack and sliding 2 out.

this is what I came up with:

Base polish: Butter London- yummy mummy , NYC- red slippers (Ulta3 dupe- "English rose")
stamping polish: KONAD red, KONAD white pearl
image plate: BM306, BM308

Have you perfected nail art stamping? I'm using the full nails easily, but need more practise applying the nail tip stamps..

Have a great week

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pole-ish or pol-ish: My week in nails

Hello.. the past week has been so cold, and with the London Olympics- the Australian team need my support my showing you all my colourful recent manis ..

I rummaged to find my Aussie brands of polish in our colours of green and gold.

The easiest mani I could think of, I couldn't find any stamping that was sporty or Australian themed.

Also I did this mani, with the plain yellow accent nail. I love the depth of colour in the green polish.
I bought it from Sportsgirl.

The green and gold had done its job, Australia finally won some gold medals. After all the Bronze and silver we'd won I chose to wear them plain for a few days each.

3rd place: BRONZE--  Face of Australia- Bronze
2nd place: SILVER-- nails inc. for Cleo- Cleopatra's kiss
1st place: GOLD-- Face of Australia- Gold