Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pole-ish or pol-ish: My week in nails

Hello.. the past week has been so cold, and with the London Olympics- the Australian team need my support my showing you all my colourful recent manis ..

I rummaged to find my Aussie brands of polish in our colours of green and gold.

The easiest mani I could think of, I couldn't find any stamping that was sporty or Australian themed.

Also I did this mani, with the plain yellow accent nail. I love the depth of colour in the green polish.
I bought it from Sportsgirl.

The green and gold had done its job, Australia finally won some gold medals. After all the Bronze and silver we'd won I chose to wear them plain for a few days each.

3rd place: BRONZE--  Face of Australia- Bronze
2nd place: SILVER-- nails inc. for Cleo- Cleopatra's kiss
1st place: GOLD-- Face of Australia- Gold


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