Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday Stamping Sneak Peek (SSSP): using 2 stamps

Hello.. the theme for this week from AIS is using 2 different stamps in your mani.

I had no plate in mind that I wanted to use for stamping with. I firstly chose to stamp using red, and worked back from there.. choosing a base colour, then deciding I wanted to have a different colour accent nail, and finally picking up the handful of bundle monster series3 plates in a stack and sliding 2 out.

this is what I came up with:

Base polish: Butter London- yummy mummy , NYC- red slippers (Ulta3 dupe- "English rose")
stamping polish: KONAD red, KONAD white pearl
image plate: BM306, BM308

Have you perfected nail art stamping? I'm using the full nails easily, but need more practise applying the nail tip stamps..

Have a great week


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