Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Jam packed with Pics: my busy week in polish

Hello.. Hope your week is great.

My new pretty polishes are from Australis, I picked up 2 of the "fairy bread" multicolored glitter from Priceline, for the snazzy price of 2 for $10 instead of their usual $7.95 each.
I liked this glitter as it has different sizes and colors to mix and match with many base coats for different occasions.

Base polish is a pink Franken, I made it for a friend as as a dupe for a Rimmel fuchsia polish I gave to my sister..

~My version of Revlon's whimsical but with less pink glitter was mixed with and layered over ulta3- eggshell. From faraway it looks like speckled blue eggs, but it shines nicely in the sun, the only downside to my creation was that once the polishes were mixed to create the franken the glitter settled to the bottom of my bottle. It's going to need a good shake to use it again.

~Also this past week I did a freehand French mani using a purple polish instead of the traditional white.

Base polish: essence (colour3)- my best nude friends and me
Tip polish: ulta3- pearly grape
Glitter: konad- nail art pen, silver glitter


  1. ooh, Fairy Bread is cute!

    One question: How did you separate your Essence Colour^3 polishes? I'd love to do that...they're such a pain to brush on when you have that heavy little bottle on the opposite end of the brush!

    1. Hi Robyn, Thanks for the comment..
      You can pull the essence polishes apart by twisting them carefully in the middle. I did it on a soft surface so that they didnt bounce if I pulled them out quickly.
      I discovered you could do this through another blog- or else mine would be together still, and laying down- I wanted them to stand up straight in their collection.


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