Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Brighten up my life

Hello.. I feel like I need to visit an exotic faraway holiday place, bright and sunny..

This does this remind me of a giant polish bottle.

The duochrome-y goodness, I couldn't walk past without taking a photo. The paint changes from dark emerald green to deep purple.
It was super dooper reflective and shimmery.

I went over Sundays BL yummy mummy polish on my right hand with China Glaze- Cords, Then added Claire's glitter polish for some colour and sparkle.
Also added a tiny bit of glitter to the icing on the cupcake I stamped.
I had a dilema when my pinky nail stamping on my left hand broke off, all the tip gone.

Ooh I also want to share that I mixed my own polish remover, loodie loodie loodie style:

I used the following:
-Empty polish remover bottle
-Glycerine: from Coles supermarket ($7.50 for 200mL)
-Acetone: from BigW ($10 for 1L)


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