Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Elf Me

Hello..  Today is elf theme day.

I have never seen an elf in Australia, because they are fictional characters right? But the other week at work we had a bit of fun uploading our pics to the faces in the link below, to elf ourselves..

You can do your own from http://host-d.oddcast.com/elfyourself2012/home.php

My pinterest again came to the rescue for this theme, as I had seen a mani featuring an elf.. costume.
And what do the elves do? Make Santa's presents of course !!

Base polish: essie- bangle jangle, china glaze- liquid crystal [except feature nail (Nail it- emerald city, colorclub- untamed luxury, ulta3- firetruck, claire's- black nail art pen)
Stamping polish: ulta3- orchid
Image plate: BM205
poshe topcoat
black triangle diamontes

See you soon, you're invited to my BBQ..


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