Tuesday, 19 April 2011

2011 Nail designs retrospective.. PART 2..

My Pics are taken on iPhone.. so there's no flash and only 4mp.. time to upgrade, or by a proper camera..

U wanna see more pics of my nails for 2011, well why didn't you say so?
oh u didn't-- its OK, i can use this as a personal reference anyway..

Next up (drum roll anyone..)
Base polish: clear
tip polish: white
stamping polish: konad purple
image plate: BM08 (chandelier)
gold nail art polish
-- This was a quick one, I love how long my nail whites are here, the only stamping was done on my thumbs, but I could not get a good pic of it..

Base polish: old avon  in gold
stamping polish: konad purple
image plate: BM21 (joined circles)
-- This design was a bit ugly, and the lines smudged a lot, but I was very proud to not take all day to complete it.

Next up.. love affair with the cheapest polish in Australia !!


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