Monday, 22 October 2012

Book: A Purpose driven life

Hello.. At the moment I'm into day 5 of a 40 day thingo. Specifically it's to lead me to a purpose filled life.

Back in July/ August 2012 I read in a Christian women's mag article that we need to define our goals and future priorities. Only I had forgotten that I'd written mine into a notebook until I needed to write my baptism testimony in the same notebook.
Re-reading my set goals for the near future, I realised that it's not something I should have stored away in a notebook- but be constantly reminded of.

So the 40 day book is Rick Warren's "A purpose driven life". The book is being used as a companion to a course I'm doing @1330 called Foundation. 

I did research the book as it's been around for a while, and looked up Internet reviews. One link I did find was not very positive- but it's in my mind as I read during the 40 days, to think why Rick Warren has chosen to link specific verses of the word into his specific chapters. I have also used youversion to compare the stated verses and come to somewhat of an understanding.

Below I share with you the song that's been consuming me, I need to listen to it more than once a day.
It's called Blessings, and although its not a brand new shiny song- Blessings is a song that my heart desires to embrace.


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