Thursday, 8 November 2012

Honey to the bee

NPR: Where I have found a place to call home AKA (honey to the bee.)


You know how a glass prism or holo polish changes in the sunlight, and when you change the angle of your hand you can catch the full spectrum rainbow of colour?

I'm pretty much in awe of gods amazement in the small things and a recent experience has had that effect on every minute of my day...

How can I explain the changes you've made in me. See my head as it followed my body under water in front of everyone last Sunday morning. The members of the congregation were extended by one today, as my mum witnessed my public declaration of love for Jesus. 
Now we are bound together in life as one, your words like honey to my soul. 
Did you know that my name is Greek for bee; so knowing your words are sweeter than honeycomb gives me a thrill. You had known what the plans for me were before I even knew your love existed. 

I need to bask in the reflective holo rainbow of colour that provided by god for me everyday, and also to remember the constant battle between mind and heart into being a grateful ambassador of life and time.

These are the pretty church nails I did for my baptism day. 

Plain French tips, but the beige had a blue shimmer. 

I really wanted to add some stamping, but couldn't find anything that was subtle and demure!


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