Thursday, 8 November 2012

Where the bloody hell have I been

Hello.. Remember me??

Where the bloody hell have I been..



Nowhere using my passport, nowhere exotic. 

I have spent the last few weeks offline, enjoying life, as I became dis-interested in creating spooky manis. They are not really my thing, and yep, I was so mad at myself for not completing the challenge.


However, starting on November 12, Mondays are now fun-days, with my blog getting a steady stream of weekly posts through the creation of Aussie Nails Monday (ANM) challenge



Created by the fabulous Elissa  and supported by many ladies in the Aussie Nails facebook group, we will be creating manis on a set theme each week- and posting on a Monday.


I have a set page with a list of links for each of the Aussie Nails ladies- so please [click here] to be taken through to share the love of polish.


I have still purchased polish during the past 4 weeks: 

Ulta3 candy cane- 10 polish bottles (bulk buying polish)

Ulta3 glitter collection- 5 plain colours of glitter (but not the mixed glitter, none left)

Bargain buys- $2 colorama polish- yellow, green

.72c max factor mini- black (no fantasy fires left, boo)

FOA pastels- boysenberry, orange, blue, green

Essence breaking dawn- Alice, Jacob (wasn't a fan of the other colours)

Essence new bottle- grey-t to be here

Chi chi- my bad (love the silver holo glitter)


Nail mail: 

Essie- wicked, marshmallow, treatments, mini polish cube

Butter London- 6 polishes

Beauty2007- seche restore, poshe, rejuvicote x2, color club holos x6. 


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