Monday, 1 October 2012

What to do now the 30Day Challenge is over?

Hello.. Here is the magic post where I have a go at an awesome mani someone did during the 30 Day Challenge; as well as a tally of how many new polishes I have had to accommodate in the nail polish palace- aka silver helmer.

Polish: ulta3- purple pumps, sportsgirl (Nail it!)- phoenix
Crescent: L'oreal- mystic blue


Inspired by:
I loved this mani because of the bright polish colours and the pretty looops on the half moon. Earlier in the month when it was half moon mani day I cheated and used stamping plate image in the crescent shape.
Today I used the image from purple-polish as inspiration to complete a mani similar to hers.


In total I have used:
16 (days 1-10) +
19 (days 11-20) +
10 (days 21-30)
= 45 previously untried polish bottles :)

Join the "This is Halloween challenge" !!!!!     Today's theme (Ocober 1) is horror movie.


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