Friday, 5 October 2012

Halloween: Not technically a Water marble

Hello.. I confess I suck at water marble. I tried, several times, and it was messy, and wasted so much of my time- I wasn't patient enough to keep trying.... So I cheated !!!

This disaster is why I had to change course.
This is how I performed my "Dry water marble" technique:

1. Blobs of polish on a clean surface. (I used my plastic/ paper paint easel pad)

2. Swirl together until you're happy. (I used a pointy bamboo skewer)

3. Wait to dry. (I left it there most of the day, and in the pic you will se I peeled them off the easel and kept them inbetween plastic, as I applied them to the nails the next day)

4. Apply layer of polish to nails. (I used clear, if the polish is too wet then the dry marble slid around and ripped)

5. Work out the size of polish you need to cover your nail. (Don't make it small, cleaning up by cutting larger pieces worked well for me)

6. Press on blob of dry water marble, mold to nail curve. (Once you can tell it's stuck, time for acetone and cotton bud clean up)

7. Apply clear polish topcoat. Ta-dah :)
Some of the blobs on my paper easel.

The polishes I used were:
ulta3- citrus, ulta3- crystallina, NYC (dupe of ulta3)- mandarin, NYC- limelight, BC Co.- Shade 11 (black)
The best bits of the dried blobs on the plastic.
But then I wasn't happy with the appearance, so added my brand new---- Aussie made..
Gloss 'n Sparkle- spectra-flair topcoat.
Awesome shiney-ness for a sunny day.
I was looking through the large cheeky stamping plates for something spooky.. and that isn't going to be used during other Halloween challenge days..
I came across the design that, never in my life I would be willing to choose to use as something pretty for my nails.
CH33: recycling symbol.
Stamping polish: SH instadri- jumping jade
Outside- Sunny Melbourne day :)

Outside- in shade.
Why did cheeky choose that specific design?? So that we nail chicks can get the message out to everyone to save the world by recycling??
So I can now say that yes, I have now used this design...
Then and only then was my crappy non- water marble spooky Halloween challenge mani complete !!
Thank you everyone for giving me inspiration by your inlinkz.


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