Monday, 18 February 2013

Bento basics and a giveaway

[EDIT: The giveaway image didn't work, so I've re-done it. You still have 3 days !!]

Hello.. Yep, it's been a while between blog posts. And today I'm focusing on food instead of nail polish.

Firstly, a chance to win free stuff. Open internationally.
The easiest way to have a fun & cute lunch GIVEAWAY - over 100 pcs of bento food picks, cupcake rings and sauce (mayo) dipping cups

Also I went shopping at Daiso in Melbourne CBD. Specifically on a mission to purchase a bento box.

I have found a website running a fun and easy course that fingers crossed will get me away from spending so much money at the canteen.
Lessons have just begun if you are at all interested. I'll be uploading my answers to the homework we have to do.

Also this is my 100th post!!!! I do have 8 more sitting in drafts because I haven't taken the photos off my phone yet :)


  1. Canteen funds saved could be redirected to a car fund. You could get a custom car paint job to match your fave polish. I knew a panel beater who had sprayed his ute an electric blue with sparkles.


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