Sunday, 24 February 2013

ANM: Ulta3

Hello.. I missed last weeks Aussie Nail Monday- the theme was rainbow, and I had planned a mani to show you. [See below, it's here a week late!!]

This week For ANM the theme is "Favourite Brand". If you read my last post I have quite an affinity/ obsession with the brand ulta3.

Loved everything ulta3 labelled Made in Aus, but had trouble getting used to the ulta3 that was Made in PRC.

Onto todays' mani- I woke my nephew to ask him to choose a colour.

I shake him awake and say, "Pick any colour, you don't have to open your eyes, just pick a colour."
"Blue", he says, rolling over.
"Wait, do you choose light blue or dark blue?", I also ask him.
I had to do that, or I would be drooling over my Helmer all day trying to choose one for today.
I also spotted an ulta3 I won from the company when the colour first came out- Pacific Fever..

So I went back to seek a light blue!
1 thicker coat, then 1 thinner coat to touch up any VNL, and Blue Heaven had arrived.


But it was on my right hand and I stuffed up the first few glitters I placed.
So it's not the focus for ANM today.

Pacific Fever. A Made in Aus baby!
2 or 3 thinner coats. Perfection.
Added glitter (purchased from Lincraft).

Glitter placement- tried to copy the font on the bottle.
(Outside, sun)
(shade, inside)

(shade, outside)
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  1. this is super cute, and i love the glitter placement! what a neat idea!

  2. Oh wow, all those colors look gorgeous! It's really different coat.I love it..Thanks.


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