Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Blue nails for April for Autism

Hello ladies..  During April I will be supporting the cause to help others be aware of autism.
Using the IG tag: #bluenailsforautism you can see our blue manis.

My 11 year old nephews nails:
Sally Hansen insta-dri- night flight, ulta3- new years eve

Outside, shade

Base polish: Revlon- royal
Stamping polish: color club- blue heaven
Image plate: BM319- puzzle
freehand ribbon design in color club- blue heaven
covered in holo light blue glitter.

Light it up Blue

My IG image for Day 2.

My personal experience with Autism is with teenagers who I assist as part of my position as Eduction Support:
A wonderful but easily emotional teenage young lady, from New Zealand, living in Australia.
She is creative, writes poetry and stories, likes photography, reading romance novels and cooking.
She does not have many close friends- although everyone at school knows her socially, dislikes it when the class is being too loud.
I hope her future has people around her who understand her differences are simply who she is, and that she is valued as a member of our workplaces.


  1. Love the 2nd photo that has the puzzle piece design :)


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