Monday, 1 April 2013

ANM: fashion & support for Paint it blue

Hello ladies..

I cheated for Aussie Nails Monday. This week the theme is fashion, and becasue of Easter
I have a simple purple sponge gradient covered in spectra flair.

Base polish: essence- pashion for fashion, essence- dress for a moment.

Seche vite

Gloss N Sparkle- spectra flair topcoat.



Loved these little essence bottles :)

The awesome @[757454144:2048:Theresa] has made this for us!  Thanks so much!!!  xo

IG: #bluenailsforautism


ALL my blues.

15 ulta3 blues on the left in the red box. About 40 in the pink box

BM321- has the puzzle heart, and support ribbons.

BM319- has the full nail puzzle pieces.


Pretending to be an outfit/ style blogger-

Blue dress and necklace!



  1. I think you should add in some style blog posts. I love the 'what I wore Wednesday' on some blogs I read. My goodness, that's a lot of BLUE!!


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